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Improve your networking skills

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It’s because of Dave (and a seminar I attended last year) that I now have my own blog and am endeavoring to add content–working toward inviting followers soon.  While at a networking function this week, I learned a little more about Dave.  He is well travelled, and I enjoyed hearing his story of backpacking across Europe years ago.

Networking is his passion, and he’s made a point to share his knowledge through this book.  He practices what he preaches as well, because he made time to have a networking meeting with me around the time that I ordered his book.

He details his method of one on one networking meetings over coffee.  You’ll learn about numerous helpful and interesting web sites, blog tools, and tips for “working the room” when at an event.  Database best practices and options, the importance of listening, crafting an effective business card, and information on organizing events are also included.  He endeavors to make it an easy read and keeps it as light as possible with as informative and thorough as the material needs to be.

Like with most books, even though all of the content will not be relevant to your intentions and use, you will learn quite a bit about the aforementioned topics.  What I absorbed about Twitter, blogging, and LinkedIn are the most valuable takeaways for me.  If you would like a current source written by an expert from which to study more about these topics, I would recommend this book.

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Perseverance and hope

Don’t give up. If you are down today about your job search, take a few minutes and call a close friend, relative, or pastor. Don’t be hesitant to lean on someone for encouragement. And sometimes it helps a lot to just have someone to listen. I think one of the key things in life is helping others. Allow someone to help you today, and don’t forget to see what they might need to lean on you for!

Never lose hope.
Never lose hope.