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Failure Vs. Goals

Daniel Rodriguez quote
photo by Doclam

A few months ago, I ran across the quote above in the cover story “The Life of Man” from the October 2013 issue of Esquire magazine. There was a photo of each man and a brief blurb about him. Most were asked about the best advice they’d ever received. Daniel Rodriguez’ caught my attention. Even after let downs, defeat, failures, or whatever else may not being going well in your job search, life, family, etc., what a great thing to keep in mind.

This article (“Moving On After Failure”) I found not long after via LinkedIn is along the same lines, and I wanted to share it as well. What or who keeps you motivated in your job search? How do you change your attitude or squash that pity party when you get down?

Bargaining with your current employer

Why not to use having found a counter offer at another job as a bargaining chip with your current employer:

Watch the brief video here: How To Deal With Counter Offers (video)

Have you ever leveraged an offer from another company to get a raise at your current job? (I have not but got a job where someone use the position to stay with her current employer at a higher pay rate.)
If so, how did it go with your current employer, or did you end up taking the new job?

Photo by Rick Broussard at Flickr