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Job posting aggregators and web sites

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I’ve read that most jobs posted online (up to 80%) are already filled. If you’ve ever wondered, “why!?,” a colleague in the job search realm said it’s not a law that a company must also post jobs online when they already have internal or personal candidates in mind, it’s just company policy. Although most people do NOT find their jobs this way, surfing the boards should be a small part of your job search efforts, just like counting on Social Security is a minor part of your retirement strategy.

Thank God for aggregators—what a time saver! The main two I’m aware of are and From my perusal, both seem to draw upon most of the same sites, so I have set up alerts only from Lord knows we all get enough email. I also like indeed’s “Last 7 Days” link. That way I can simply click that and go through as many pages of jobs as I want on the day I want instead of opening alert emails every day to try to avoid recurrent listings for the same job posting.

You may also want to check separately. does not seem to include its results, and for some, monster may have some listings right up your alley. It also doesn’t hurt to post your resume at

I also wanted to recommend I discovered it and have been using it for almost a year, and indeed does not seem to include its results either. It has some good solid leads, and you can post your resume as well. Have you found any other job posting sites or aggregators that have been valuable? If so, what are they?

Freelance work

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Over the past few years, I’ve been compiling a list of sites where you can ask for or provide services in exchange for pay. For example, if someone needs a wedding package of items designed or their taxes done. Or you can tout your services. In case you’d like to make some additional money while in transition or if you are a freelancer and would like to proactively seek customers, I wanted to share these sites…

Please comment if you know of any others!