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You Got the Interview—What You Should Know to Prepare

Prepare for an Interview by Researching the Company
Photo by Meagan Goodnight

So you just landed that interview you’ve been straining for. An important part of preparing to ace the interview is finding out more about the company. Author, blogger, career expert, and former exec at Microsoft Dana Manciagli recommends the following: Know the company—and as best you can, about the division and team you’d be a part of. Familiarize yourself with the industry and any lingo or acronyms. Know the job description, and be ready to mirror the important job requirements with SAR (Situation>Action>Result) examples from your job history.

Research the company’s news, awards, and accomplishments. Find out, for instance, who the president is. Familiarize yourself with at least 4 to 5 key facts about the company in case you’re asked, “What do you know about us?”

Here are several resources you can use:
• The company’s website (obviously!), LinkedIn page, and YouTube channel (you’ll need a library card to access this site) (a fairly far-fetched resource since you may not find any presentations someone from the company has posted, but why not take a look!)

NOTE: Apart from Glassdoor’s reviews of companies, with most, you’ll also find information regarding interview questions users faced as well as reported salary information. With the release of its Facebook application, Glassdoor usage has grown dramatically, and the site continuously attracts new users from around the world. You can also peruse comments from current and former employees at different companies you are considering.

It’s always a good idea to check LinkedIn for the photo of the person who will be interviewing you. This way, you can appear more prepared as well as learn more about his or her background. In a networking meeting requested by someone else, when I can tell that person has done their homework on me, I’m impressed! This can happen with interviewers too. Good luck!

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