Kurt Kirton, a successful veteran job hunter, provides actionable advice and a proven system for people seeking their next job in his new book, Here Today, Hired Tomorrow. No theoretical fluff here, just a comprehensive action plan and a step-by step guide that anyone can use, written in a conversational style.

In Here Today, Hired Tomorrow, Kirton draws upon his years of recruiting for Brantley Services, his marketing consulting experience, personal job searches, and invaluable advice from career professionals. Over the course of six layoffs, he experienced firsthand that a system is necessary to stay on track, keep important details from being forgotten and break through to key contacts at prospective employers. And as a result of his diligent job searches, he developed a systematic approach to getting hired that works.

The world has changed so much since the days of working at a single company for your entire career. Job stability no longer exists, and most people will be faced with six to 10 job changes during the course of their careers. Job searches are difficult even in the best of times! How do you navigate this new world? How do you develop a strong network? What financial and career resources exist to help you while you’re in transition? How can you access the “hidden job market”? Kirton answers these questions and many more.

Here Today, Hired Tomorrow covers:
• A Comprehensive Action Plan Including Suggested Action Items
• Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile to Stand Out From the Crowd
• List of the Files, Folders, and Supplies You Need to be Ready
• Why and How to Print Business Cards to Support Your Job Search
• How to Make an Online Résumé
• How to Best Apply For a Job
• How to Network Your Way Into Nearly Any Company
• Contact and Follow Up Scripts
• 4 Documents That Will Fast Track Your Preparation for an Interview
• What to do Before, During, and After Starting a New Position
• How to Make Yourself Indispensable at Your New Job
• Downloadable Customizable Templates
…and much more

Most importantly, he provides hope. A season of job searching can tarnish a positive outlook in the strongest of people. Kirton’s personal experiences and inspiring Epilogue will encourage job seekers of any age or experience level. By following this system, a reader can and will find his or her next job.

When Kirton is not sharing his job search experience and advice at, he is a speaker, marketing consultant, graphic designer and a former board member for the Nashville chapter of the American Marketing Association. He also enjoys producing dance music. He received his MBA from Mississippi State University.