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Employee Engagement: The Key to Fostering a Thriving Workforce (Guest Post)

Grad Australia: Employee Engagement
Image by pfer

Employee engagement refers to the level of commitment and dedication that employees feel towards their job role and the organization. The phenomenon is often confused with employee satisfaction, which refers to the level of contentment and satisfaction of an employee towards their job.

Employee engagement has a broader scope though—it includes the emotional commitment, the level of pride, and the magnitude of discretionary efforts that employees willingly contribute to the success of the organization.

An engaged workforce is committed to pursue whatever goals and visions the organisation sets ahead of them. Here are some effective tips to foster employee engagement within your organization.

Individualize Your Engagement Efforts

Gone are the days when you could apply a generalized engagement strategy to your entire workforce. Since personalization is on the rise, nowdays engaging employees will require you to motivate each employee and increase their level of dedication, commitment, and involvement in organizational growth through an approach that is personalized and individualistic engagement.

The “treat people the way you want to be treated” philosophy has changed to “treat people the way they wish to be treated.” Implementing this change in philosophy will improve your relationship with your employees, making it more genuine, trusted, and profitable.

Create a Feedback and Response Mechanism

Incorporate a system of feedback and response mechanisms in your HR strategy. This will provide you realistic insights into the tasks and operations being performed. Such insights collected in real-time will make it convenient for you to track status and progress, provide instant feedback and response, and resolve questions and concerns. This will enhance the efficiency of employees’ work, eventually optimizing end results and boosting employee morale and motivation.

Introduce a Fair Recognition Mechanism

It’s a good practice to review and reflect upon the individual and collective performances that have made significant contributions to the organization’s growth and progress over a specific period of time. Incorporating a reward and recognition platform in your management designs and strategies will create a thriving and competitive culture within your organization.

Your employees will try to take the lead and put in their best efforts when they are assured that their efforts will be recognized, praised, and duly rewarded.

Break the Monotony

A workplace doesn’t have to be all about work every day. Although you cannot possibly arrange an activity on a regular basis, make it a point that you organize an interesting activity or excursion at least twice a year. Take your employees on a staff cruise, or arrange some beachside fun to help them get rid of stress and fatigue and spend a good day out in the sun.

Also, presenting customized gifts such as bespoke drink bottles, tees, or caps will make a good souvenir and keepsake to commemorate the day.

Engage Line Managers

Line managers act as an anchor or intermediate link between the workforce and top management. Since employee engagement is a top-level management function and starts at the top, it is the responsibility of organizational leaders and senior management to engage and involve managers and focal persons. This will encourage a culture of leadership at all tiers and ensure maximum involvement, commitment, and dedication from employees.

–by Grad Australia (GAU)

Credit Cards (and rewards!) during job transition

Acropolis Athens Greece
Did you know most credit cards can earn you points? These points can be traded in occasionally for merchandise or airfare. I bring this up because being on top of your finances is a key part of managing your job search.

Many people follow special introductory offers regarding interest rates or balance transfers when signing up for a credit card. Ask your friends, and surf around. See if the card you choose can earn you points (and make sure the interest rates are still good AFTER the introductory period). If the card doesn’t earn you anything, find one that does. Skip those with an annual fee. Put your credit card to work for you!

As you spend on the card, you can also look forward to getting yourself something like a new flat panel TV, restaurant gift certificates, or even airfare for a vacation. If you’re like me, you’ve worked diligently and very hard on your search, so you deserve this.

For example, I had enough points in 2012 to get airfare for 2 to Europe for free! And my April 2014 airfare to several cities in Mexico only cost me $69 (to buy a few make-up points since I was a bit short.) I took the photo above of the Acropolis in Athens, Greece.

As much as possible, pay off your full balance monthly, and only spend on the card what you’ll have in a few weeks. This way you can avoid snowballing debt, stress, and paying the credit card companies any interest.

You can compare different credit cards at creditcards.com. I’ve been very happy with the customer service, perks, occasional bonus point programs, and concierge services that come as a part of the Mastercard I have, (the Citi ThankYou Preferred Card). And there’s no annual fee. Scroll through the options at this page, and check it out.

No, I’m not getting a kick-back from Citi–I wish–but a friend encouraged me to share my technique for using a credit card to your advantage. Enjoying some relax time or a goodie for yourself occasionally is a nice self-reward and healthy addition to your job search. What’s the coolest thing you’ve gotten with your credit card points?